Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pets that dont have homes

             Animal abandonment

Shelter can help animals but they sometimes need help with the animals they can't do everything themselves. Also teen activist try to help with the cause of animal abandonment.

 Teen activist try to make the world a better place they try to make a difference. The article says, “In 2009 lou wegner founded kids against cruelty. A facebook page created as a place for kids to come together to fight for the rights of animals” ( examiner). This quote is important because lou wegner is trying to make other people involved more. Also he wants more people to care about this topic. Therefor he makes a difference.

       Animal shelters need help taking care of animals that stay there that other people don't care about. “ if you were to ask anyone that works at the shelter whose responsibility it is to care for the animals at the shelter they'd insist that it is a community as a whole.”(huffington post).           This quote means the community has some of the responsibility to take care of the animals in the shelter. They need help finding homes for animals.

    Animal shelters can be very helpful in the quest of finding homes for the poor dogs. In this article “A shelter in washington dc had a fundraiser to for dogs to find homes. In three days of the fundraiser they got 65 dogs to new homes”(huffington post. This is important because now those dogs that have homes and now a good life could still be living in a cage and never have a home.

In conclusion animal abandonment is bad. People in the community need to help shelters if they can. Some people care about this issue such as teen activist they try to make a difference in the world

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