Wednesday, April 27, 2016

     Bullying is harmful because of how often they start which can be at any moment by having their own anger build up inside them, although we may know the people we do not know their story of how they are at home. However those being bullied can stop the cycle by having others help them handle their bully responsibly, staying home so others are not at risk,and using their voice to advocate against bullying.
     One reason bullying is harmful is because of how often they start. One example is “ All targets of bullying  get angry. This is “normal”, for anger builds up inside a person for months, sometimes years.” ( This is important because it shows that bullying starts by anger building up inside the bully by their bully over a period of time, and finally they snap and take out their anger on innocent people.
     Another reason bullying is harmful but can have a positive effect by how others help kids handle their bullying. One example is “ Officer Cavedon shows a kid how to handle his bully responsibly.” (are you being bullied). This means Officer Cavedon wanted to help make a difference in his community and help others.
     The last reason bullying is harmful what happens do to kids being bullied. One example is “ Over 160,000 kids stay home due to bullying.” (Stand up). This means that many kids stay home every day so they do not get tormented and harassed.
     In conclusion bullying is harmful but when people stand up to it they can have a positive effect. By the kid, or kids having others help them handle their bullying. Also by the kid(s). Staying home it helps them not become a bully themselves. By kids being bullied, being helped to handle it, and them staying home together we can lower the bullying in the world by helping others cope with the bullying they experienced.

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