Wednesday, April 27, 2016

                                                            Education Crisis

    Girls all around the globe are not getting the education they need.These folks are forced to stay home by law and do work around their house.These people are left hopeless because they do not have the education they need to do the jobs they want to do.These jobs include,being a lawyer,a cashier,a mechanic,and more. This issue needs to be addressed.

     For example,if people don’t get education their life will be pretty dull.They will not become an author if they can’t read or write.They also won’t get the opportunity to stand and defend in what they believe in very well.A group of people called the Taliban,are trying to end education.They believe that if a girl gets education they will overpower the group.Many schools are getting blown up by the group while their mission to end education continues.

       To end this tragedy,activists are taking a stand.One of the activists,Malala Yousafzai,has a rather unique story.She started protesting in 2013,when she noticed that education was becoming rather hard to find.In October of 2013,she had a terrifying experience.She was on the bus with her friends on her way home from school when the bus came to a stop.To men came aboard.One was armed.They asked,”Who is Malala?”Her friends looked at her.Without a second to spare,they shot Malala and her friends.

     After all this tragedy,Malala was not mad.She said,”I think they were looking for peace.”This quote means that she didn’t think the Taliban wanted them to die but suffer.Most people would be mad but she was not mad.She is a fearless girl with big dreams.She would do anything to get the rights for education.She didn’t start out publicly speaking.When she first started out she talked to people from the British Broadcast Center in England.She told them about all the things that happened in Pakistan.

      The world would be a place of fear without education.There would be no houses because people would not know how to build.There would be no very brilliant inventions made.The world would have no shelter or good food or even schools.Without education everyone wouldn’t have a good chance of surviving.

      In conclusion,the world needs education to be successful.There would be many tragedies in the world without it.Jobs would not be done,everyone would starve,and nothing would be safe.Education is something everyone needs to do important things in life.No one would have very good jobs at all.In the end education is much needed.

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