Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse

There are a lot of people that own pets but aren't nice to them and probably shouldn't own them. There are three different types,the first is animal abandonment, the second is animal shelters and the final one is abuse. All three of these types of abuse lead to lots of animals either getting severely injured or killed.

    First is animal abandonment and it becoming more common and harder to figure out who did it, “I wanted my generation to not see their pets as disposable”. -Wegner. This is important because some people think of there animals as only toys or things that don't matter, but they do. A animal can be your best friend if you are nice to them and don't abandon them. There are people that are standing up for them and trying to  speak up about the abandonment issues. Every animal deserves a good home with people that will be kind to them not someone who will get rid of them the first chance they get.

     Next is the animal shelters. Animal shelters are starting to grow more common for not treating their animals properly and some of the animals end up dieing, “I always thought it was hypocritical for animal shelters to say that they save animals lives, only to kill them”.-Westland This is important because some of the shelters don't take care of the dogs as well so they might become more vicious to other people cause they think the people will hurt them so they become harder to control.

    Finally is animal abuse. Animal abuse is sadly becoming even more popular than abandonment. People are getting mad at there animals and taking it out on the animals instead of doing something else like putting them up for adoption so they might be able to find a new or better home, “Animal welfare is a great passion of mine and many others as well. This is one way I can be there voice”. -Westland.   This is important because Westland has probably seen this abuse happen and chose to speak up about it instead of letting it happen. He is speaking up for the animals and trying to help them find better families and let them know what is going on so they might be able to help fight against animal abuse.

  In conclusion it is really important that people don't abandon their animals, the shelters don't hurt them, and everyone doesn't abuse them.  If we keep doing this though and don't stop the animals will run away and go off on their own leaving you alone.

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