Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pet abandonment crisis

          Teen activist are noticing an increasing numbers of abandoned pets, as a result these activists made groups and clubs to help their community and shelters fight against animal abandoning and animal overpopulation. The problems are that animals are being abandoned. The second problem is thaanimals are dieng inside their shelters. How we the community can help is by creating groups and clubs to help the shelters.
          The first problem is that animal abandonment is increasing, in result the animal shelters are getting full of pets and are forced to put some down.  In reaction to this, a member of Teen Ink thinks about some shelters, “particular shelters may have excuses, such as ‘we don’t have enough room, we don’t have enough money to keep them alive, or they aren’t young or ‘cute’ enough and nobody will want to adopt them’.” Says a member of Teen Ink. This shows that some animal shelters will make excuses so they can be greedy. This shelters are the worst kind, they just want money so they can buy things they want. Those type of people are wrong, greedy and selfish. All living things should be cared for equally, for their own good. If something is left behind, it will die slowly until it is no more, when that happens then people will listen to what they had to say. And will do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn't happen again.
           The second problem is that hundreds of pets are dying inside of shelters because of disease or severe injury. as a result of this said, “Wegner wanted to reach out to other teens let them know that millions of cats and dogs are dying inside of our nations shelters.” This shows that Wenger wants to branch out to other teens for the better future of the animals and pets we love and care for, and wants to help the problem of animal abandonment can kill animals that we loved and cared for.
          Lastly, how we can help this problem resolve is to help find homes for animals animals by creating a club or group to help the animal shelters find homes for the animals.The YEA camp that a young girl went to told the world what she said, “Bianca says that it’s important for their club to be involved with their local animal shelter because they are one of the only groups helping.” Says YEA. This shows that Bianca wants to show that she cares for animals and wants to encourage schools and other teens to create groups or clubs to help fight animal abandonmentship
          In conclusion, this solution helps slow the the increase of animals being homeless and dying do to disease or severe injury because of abandonment of pets, this causes death to animals and the animals shelters getting too full so even more animals have to die. The problems aregetting out off hand and we are the only ones who can help. We can help this by taking in animals and donate to the
Shelters. This is only some of the ways to help this problem.