Wednesday, April 27, 2016

abandoned Animals/pets
                                             (By kylie.McC)
    Abandoned animals/pets is horrible thing that pet are dieing from. The shelters need money  and community help,next is good things that happen in or out of shelters the last one is there is animal/pets abuse going on around the word.
        Shelter and how they need help money wise and not enough space for them. Shelters need more help from the community. An example is, “everyone thinks they can do it by themselves but they can't.” Shelters Get more them 20 pets a day and most of them are hurt from the road and get put down because there's not enough space at the shelter for the animals the next problem is
        The good things that happen at or to shelters and this is. An example is, “They had the biggest adoshon ever and that was 65 in two days.” “They Have a week that is 6-12 is nashonal apashashon week.” A lot of animal/pets have nowhere to go because the shelters are full and they die in the road alone.
         Now there is animal abuse going on all around the world. An example is,” Each country has there own animal crisis.” All kinds of pets/animal are getting ran over by cars in India,people are not takeing care of their animals/pets.
      Shelters need your help for money and and to get rid of the animals/pets so they can have space for more. This is important because they are dieing by themselves and the shelters can not do this on there own they need help. Shelters need money and the comity help,next are the good things that happened in or out of the shelters, animal abuse is going on all around the world.

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