Thursday, May 19, 2016


Pollinators are decreasing in numbers. Without pollinators we would be missing ⅓ of our food all around the world. That's a lot of food! Pollinators need us and we need them. They need us to plant more flowers and different crops. We need them to pollinate our food so we can eat it.  The main factors of habitat loss are pesticides, habitat loss and people building over their habitats.

      Pollinators are dying. There are multiple factors pollinators dying. The first factor is pesticides. Pesticides kill the bad bugs yes, but they also kill the good ones making it harder for them to pollinate our flowers and food.

       The second is habitat loss. Habitat loss is caused by nature and people. Sometime nature makes a hurricane or tsunami that washes out a certain area that has a lot of insects or something.

    Then there are humans. Humans cut down the trees where animals and insects live or they clear out a whole area. Since people and construction are similar they belong in one paragraph. People just build over the land not even caring about where they build and destroy many homes for the wild life. “There are over 450 wild bees in our area”. (Laura Klahre TED talks)  Just this number alone is enough to prove that we need to help save the pollinators. With all the people destroying the habitats there is no room left for them to grow and have a family.

       Pollinators make help make ⅓ of all our food. When  pollinators go from flower to flower collecting nectar they also get pollen on themselves which travels with them to all the other flowers they visit. “Bumblebees land on the flower then fasten their jaw on to the flower and eat the nectar”.(Laura Klahre TED talks) This shows how they start the pollination process. From here they go to the next flower and then repeat the cycle repeatedly.

       One of the consequences of losing pollinators is having the food chain effected and that will not only affect nature but us to. Making our food supply shorter and we won't have honey! In China since they used pesticides people and the wind are going to have to be the ones that pollinate instead of the insects so it would make our life a little harder.

       People are throwing to ban pesticides and growing their own gardens these problems started effecting America in 2006. One of the adaptations that have been made is in 2012 New York was allowed to have there own garden at their places. An alternative you could use instead of pesticides are using natural chemicals like other plants or vinegar.  Noah Wilson Rich did research on bees and found out that for winter survival in Urban keeping the rate was 62.5% and the Rural beekeeping was 40%. The honey yield was a 26.25% in Urban beekeeping and 16.75% for Rural beekeeping.

      In conclusion because pollinators are decreasing in numbers,losing their habitats and because of construction we are not only loosing over food but making a pathway for ourselves that will not be good and we will end up having to pay for it later on. We should be speaking up and trying to do something to make our gardens better for the environment. Here at MMS we are making our own garden and are trying to get other people to do that also. So that we can save the pollinators before they die. And help them with what little life they have.

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