Thursday, May 19, 2016


     Pollinators are important because of the fact of them dying so rapidly, also because of the great amount of work that they do, and finally because of the giant consequences of them dying off. Some types of pollinators may become extinct in near years. Most plant rely on pollinators to reproduce. Pollinators are dying very rapidly.
     Pollinators are dying at an alarming rate because of deadly pesticides. In fact, “In the winter of 2007-2008, 35% of only honey bee colonies collapsed because of pesticides and other chemicals spreading from one bee to another.”( This means that 35% of honey bee colonies when there's more than 1,000 different types of bees in all. This show you how many bees can be killed in only one season of the year.
      Pollinators are very important because they help spread pollen to help plants pollinate.You may not know that,” 90% of plants rely on pollinators to reproduce. This means that only 10% of plants species will survive if all pollinators become extinct. Also this means that 90 % of plants will die if the population of pollinators doesn't start rising in the near future.
      Pollinators are important because the large amount of consequences of losing them. You may have not known that, “ ⅓ of you may eat depends on pollinators.”( Panna,April 28/16) This means that ⅓ of your food you eat during dinner will be gone if pollinators are gone too. The foods that would be gone can range from fruits to vegetables and even some meats if you look at what the animals are eating.
      You may be thinking “ so now that we know about this what can we do?” Here at Massabesic Middle School we are writing letters to different company that are harming pollinators in different ways. Also we are planning to plant milkweed to bring more monarch butterfly's back to Maine. In conclusion pollinators are dying rapidly,because of how much work they do, and the considerable damage that would happen if all pollinators die.


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